Plastic pseudorealism by Uwe H. Friese

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 Here you see some of my works !!! I have created plastic pseudorealism in
1993. In 1995 I had an exhibition in the Columbus shopping center in
Bremerhaven, many people visited it. For more information about my
exhibition please click on Zeitungsartikel. The newspaper article shown
there is unfortunately only in German. I did not go to school to learn how
to model but did learn it through self-study. I also did not ask any
teachers or other artists for advice and my art pieces are therefore
expressing my feelings and moods at the time of their creation.

The human being does not need to serve a purpose, his existance is the

purpose in itself !  I. Kant realization

 Some of my modeled heads !


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 There is nothing greater than the human mind, only through it people are
able to travel on roads, which would otherwise be closed to them in their
narrow realities.

Uwe H. Friese

About me: My name is Uwe and I was born in the beginning of May 1965 (I am a
taurus). My height is 183 cm, I am slim, single, open minded and interested
in mythology, sci fi and philosophy. I live in Bremerhaven. Please mail to:

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Over me: I am born at the beginning of of May 1965 (sp: taurus). My name is Uwe I is 183 cm largely, slim, single, for everything open and is particularly interested in mythology Sci fi (TNG) and my residence is Bremerhaven on mail: kuenstler35@hotmail.com



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